Understanding Why Vertical Jump Test is More Than A Test

You had already taken every exercise and techniques in order to increase your vertical jump. But are you really sure that your jumps had increased significantly or not? This is the reason why vertical jump tests are devised and conceptualized in order to quantify your achievements.

Vertical jump test is simply put as measuring the difference of your standing reach against the height you can reach when at the peak of your jumps. Several methods are already introduced on how to measure these leaps. Basically, any vertical jump test would require foremost a measuring tool to accurately determine the distance you jumped like the tape measure. Another very important aid that is commonly employed in many several vertical jump tests is a flat wall. But when you have a commercially made vertical jump test mat, you may not need a wall because of the tape measure that literally goes with your body when you jump thus an outright measurement can be obtained. Finally, another very important item is vertical jump test record. This will show your progress from the first test until the present one and it will be your basis if you should do more or just maintain your present exercises.

Performing the vertical jump test sounds very simple but do you know why it is very important to measure your jumps? Well, for one it is not enough to employ measures to increase your vertical leap levels it is also important to determine if you achieved your target after the exercises. Second, it would be a good tool to motivate yourself to strive more. Also, knowing your current status gives you a sense of fulfillment especially when you see your progress. Accurate results of vertical jump tests will lead you to accurately calculate how long and how much do you still need to do to reach your goal.

In relation to setting a vertical jump goal you should remember that before employing actions like exercises and weights to increase your jumps, you should determine your vertical jump capacity based on your body mass. Therefore, aside from measuring your vertical leap in a vertical jump test, you must also determine your capacity based on your body mass. These two are inter-related in order for you to say that you already had reached your ideal vertical leap capacity. So, every time you set your goals, to prevent overworking and frustration, know your body mass capacity. Timing in taking the vertical jump test is also very important. It should be part of your vertical leap exercises plan when to take the test.

A vertical jump test is not there just to measure your vertical jump capacity increment or improvement. It is conceptualized for so many reasons and uses. There are a number of things that you should take note and understand about the tests for you to be able to understand also the results. So, after reading this, you now know that a vertical jump test is not that simple after all.

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